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Smart Grid Solar


Smart Grid Solar
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It is our biggest ambition to both reduce emissions, and save our customers a lot of money along the way. For the first time we can protect ourselves from the endless rise in energy costs. Since sunshine can’t be bought or monopolized and is available free of charge, for everyone. Solar not only grants you energy independence, it also saves the planet, and is the smartest decision we can make as a homeowner.

We dedicate ourselves to this mission, and want to be there to help you through the entire process. Educating on government programs to help homeowners get solar with zero money down, state funding and even grant money if you need a new roof! Our experts will consult you on how we can save your family the most money, while designing a custom solar system that seamlessly integrates into the roof of your home.

We believe in operating a business that solves problems for both the customer and the climate. Please allow us to earn yours by sending in your power bill. We will have our design team analyze your roof via satellite, and using the data develop an accurate report, crunching the numbers to see what solar can save you each and every month. The Report is free, so what are you waiting for? Let’s see if your roof can help pay the bills!
We save the average homeowner over forty thousand dollars in 25 years!