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SunRackSolar, LLC
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SunRackSolar installs solar electric system across the United States with an emphasis on the Mid-West. SunRackSolar is a Direct Manufacturer to Installers of PV with the SunnRack GM3000 line of in Ground Mount Racking for Solar PV Modules.

SunRackSolar manufactures the nation’s leading ground mount solar racking system- the SunnRac GM3000.  This Expandable product can handle from 6 solar panels to 600+ solar panels.   The SunnRac Ground Mount Solar Racking System is versatile, economical, and longest lasting.  The complete bare ground installation is performed with our Helical Pier “Concreteless Foundation” making it the fastest to install in the solar racking market.Wanting to let you know that we have now recouped our investment in our Solar electric System, we haven’t paid a penny for electricity for years now, and our investment is “ Back in the Bank” I’ve enclosed our recent “Solar Statement” from our Electricity company as “proof”.My husband has calculated that we will be saving or earning over $125,000 Dollars in Future Electricity Costs. Thanks again for being patient with us and by doing a fine job, as Retirees, this monthly savings is a GodSend.