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SunWind Power Systems


SunWind Power Systems
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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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Market Residential Properties

SunWind Power Systems, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Patricia and Jeremy Coxon to provide products and services for solar, wind, and other renewable forms of energy to the people Indiana and Kentucky. The company’s primary goal is to make a positive difference in both the physical and fiscal environment for all clients.

SunWind Power offers a wide range of energy-related services for KY and IN residents and businesses.Whether you are applying energy conservation measures for your home or business or are interested in a renewable energy system, SunWind can can assist you with design, installation, and engineering support. SunWind consistently works with residential and commercial customers as well as architects, engineers and builders.The energy assessment process greatly reduces clients’ energy consumption. Through this process, recommendations are made based on current best practices. In just a few months, you will quickly recuperate the cost of the assessment in energy savings alone. SunWind Power takes a holistic approach to every project, allowing you to focus on bottom line savings. As you might expect, there are lots offers different variations for these systems and also lots of technicalities. Numerous factors such as solar/wind resource availability, demand, location, environmental conditions, legal restrictions, etc. all influence the selection process. The Assessment Process allows us to determine the best energy strategy for your particular circumstance. Bottom line - you don’t need to become an expert on any of these technologies - that’s our job.