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SolarFlex Technologies is in the business of helping commercial, public sector and non-profit organizations control costs, save energy, create a comprehensive energy strategy, and achieve an excellent return on investment. In short, we provide solar energy solutions to organizations which can benefit both environmentally and financially from the power of the sun. SolarFlex Technologies is a licensed contractor of solar energy systems. What separates SolarFlex Technologies from other solar contractors is their leading edge solar technology. Solar energy systems typically require large crystalline panels and a large bracketing system, and are relatively fragile and sensitive to light angles. These qualities have made solar technology slower to develop for commercial applications.

SolarFlex Technologies uses advanced solar technology called the “Flexlight” Solar System. This system is revolutionary in its design. It is less than 1/4 inch thick, virtually indestructable, and more than 15% more efficient than crystalline panels. State and Federal governments are now offerring incentives and rebates for renewable energy systems. SolarFlex Technologies can help you maximize the government incentives for your commercial application based on which state you are in. For many of our clients, returns on investments can be made within the first 2-5 years of installing a commercial solar energy system. These commercial solar systems will have guaranteed output for 20 years, with an average life expectancy of 30 years per system, which is the typical life span for a commercial roof system. In many cases, your solar technology should outlast your commercial roof.The commercial solar energy systems can be tailored to produce the amount of energy your facility needs. In many instances, the solar energy systems produce more energy than is used, and this surplus is pushed back to the power companies. The surplus, depending on your location, can be credited back to you by selling the surplus power back to the power company. In all cases though, your energy cost are dramatically reduced, and the energy you consume is clean, renewable energy.

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