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Energy Roofing Systems, Inc.


Energy Roofing Systems, Inc.
100 Amos Drive
Cumming, GA 30040
United States


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Market Residential Properties

Energy Roofing Systems is a local company with a futuristic vision. It is a family owned and operated company with over 35 years of residential and commercial construction. We specialize in applying alternative energy systems along with the highest quality cool roof technology while installing them in the most cost effective manner. Designed to reduce utility bills, our metal roofing is the perfect foundation for solar. Unlike traditional shingle roofing which needs to be replaced periodically over time, cool metal roofing is designed for long term durability and will outlast solar technology.

We believe our product will eventually become the industry standard for the 21st century. It is the smarterRoof™ and it is exactly what its name implies. We believe asphalt roofs to be inferior. They are the most expensive roofs you can buy over time, waste billions of dollars nationally in energy, and they are a major hazard to the environment. Asphalt roofs continually need replacing and the discarded shingles only end up in landfills, leaching petroleum and other toxic chemicals into the ground water. Asphalt became necessary during World War II, as most of the metal went to the war effort. A multi-billion dollar industry was created and it thrives today as the most common roofing material out of nothing more than habit. Today approximately 10% of all the landfills in the country are filled with old asphalt shingles. Some states have even banned shingles from landfills because of environmental problems. Our company is dedicated to innovation in order to provide our customers with affordable technology in today’s ever changing world. We are representing a system that is environmentally friendly, reduces our dependence on fossil fuel, and dramatically cuts energy usage. As the price of shingles has been rising, the cost of solar per watt has been dropping.