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With the current focus on global warming, it’s important to note that the second largest man made source of greenhouse gas emissions are landfills. However, landfill gas is a viable, plentiful and renewable energy source that can be utilized today to reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels while improving the environment.

Sustainable Energy Solutions LLC (“SES”) was formed for the purpose of capitalizing on the burgeoning demand for renewable energy in the United States. SES is a well capitalized privately held company focused on being a high quality developer, owner and operator of renewable energy projects utilizing multiple renewable energy technologies. With an initial focus on developing landfill gas to energy projects, SES currently has three projects under contract, design and or construction and is aggressively pursuing additional projects. In the landfill gas arena, SES is developing both landfill gas to electricity projects, as well as medium BTU projects which supply landfill gas as a substitute for natural gas to dedicated industrial customers.SES has completed the acquisition of Baton Rouge Renewable Energy LLC (“BRRE”) in Baton Rouge, LA from Illumination Renewables LLC.SES currently has three landfill gas to energy projects located in Georgia and Alabama. This acquisition will expand SES’s marketplace to Louisiana.