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Country Energy Solutions - Delray Beach
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Delray Beach, FL 33448
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Country Energy Solutions was founded by John Cormier in 2008. John was the President of two oil companies in the state of Massachusetts and watched energy prices inflate to all time highs. To combat this he began seeking alternative energy solutions for his customers.  In 2011, John expanded Country Energy Solutions by adding a Florida division.  He has collaborated with other renewable energy companies to offer a wide array of solar and wind energy solutions.

Country Energy Solutions is dedicated to the advancement of renewable and energy saving solutions so that we as a nation can become energy  independent one day and one consumer at a time.   The continually rising cost of fuel to power our vehicles, homes, and businesses increases our expenses for daily living and operating our businesses in an economically sufficient way.  Country Energy Solutions has the resources to minimize those cost to all consumers.  We are working to find solutions so that we can become energy independent and free of foreign strangleholds. By utilizing the technology that is available we can further our independence in energy.  We owe it to the generations forthcoming a reasonable energy commitment by dedicating ourselves to making America a leader in generating alternative energy solutions.  For the security and well being of our children and our grandchildren, I pursue these solutions that are needed in our quest for energy independence in America and for future generations around the globe. All of these endeavors increase our energy independence and help preserve the environment. Watching our energy markets in complete chaos for the last three years, and having over 35 years experience in energy, John now believes that saving 10% every year on energy cost will be the best solution on becoming energy independent for the generations to come.