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Let the free, unlimited power of the Florida Sun reduce your energy costs. Today’s solar systems can heat the water in your home, warm your pool or spa, and even make electricity.

Let the experts from Climatic Solar (30 years in the solar business) show how you can immediately lower your home or business’s utility costs. Protect yourself from ever increasing utility costs! Increase the value of your home. Lower our dependence on imported fossil fuels.


The least efficient way to make hot water for your home or business is with electricity. In most Florida homes, it represents the 2nd highest portion of the monthly electric bill. A solar hot water system, taking full advantage of the FREE Florida Sun, can reduce that portion of your electric bill by 15% to 30%! Solar hot water can produce 75% to 100% of the your home’s total hot water needs. It will usually offer an annual 10% return on your investment and can pay for itself within 3 to 5 years.

All of our hot water systems are certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center (link) and qualify for a state rebate and the 30% Federal tax credit. The systems are manufactured in Florida (The money you spend stays in our state) and have a life expectancy twenty (20) years or more. Many of our customers are still using the system they purchased in the 1980’s.