California Solar Installers

California leads the country in solar installation for good reason. With over 3000 hours of sunshine annually, California is an ideal location for installing solar photovoltaic panels and solar heating systems. Overall, California has more than 17,000 MW of installed capacity. The state’s Renewables Portfolio Standard calls for clean energy to account for 33 percent of retail electricity sales by 2020. In February 2018, one of California's big three utilities, Pacific Gas & Electric, announced it had reached California’s 2020 renewable energy goal three years ahead of schedule, and now delivers nearly 80 percent of its electricity from greenhouse-gas free resources.

California also has great rebates and incentives for homeowners and businesses that install solar like the California Solar Initiative. These and other popular programs are available to California residents who install solar power systems. To find out more, talk to one of the many California solar installers in our network today. We have solar installation professionals servicing San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, Glendale, San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, Sacramento and just about everywhere else in California.

If you don’t feel like undertaking a research project or don’t have the time to make the inquiries yourself, then let us do the work for you. Simply fill out our short inquiry form, we will find you reputable and experienced California solar installers in your area to provide free proposals for you to review.

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