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Sky Power Solar - Peninsula
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Combined with a 25 year warranty and Guaranteed Energy Production, Solar is an excellent choice as an investment or an energy source.Financing options make solar affordable for anyone with a large electric bill. Using savings from PG&E to make payments on a loan means you can save now and into the future...Bay Area homes and businesses are excellent candidates for solar electric systems. We pay some of the highest electricity rates in the country and get more than our fair share of sunshine-- year after year. Combine this with California rebates and a 30% Federal Tax CREDIT, solar-produced electricity costs way less than what PG&E charges.

We have been installing high performance solar solutions since 2001 and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have 100s of satisfied local references.  The companies and products we choose to represent have stood the test of time and we believe are a safe bet when making this investment decision.There are many companies new to the industry that only focus on price.  You have not saved a penny when there is a problem 5 years from now and no one is around to make it right.  Ask your dealer if they have been installing solar for as long as their warranty!Sky Power is a Diamond Certified SunPower Premier Dealer servicing the Tri-Valley and the Peninsula.  SunPower are the highest efficiency solar panels on the planet and will produce ~20% more energy over the life of the system than conventional panels.  Plus, their unique all-black looks blend in nicely with your roof. We have been a Diamond Certified PV installer for 6 consecutive years!  Diamond Certified is an independent organization that validates excellence in workmanship and customer service through surveys of our customer base.  Only the best qualify.  It is also an independent attestation to our commitment to customer satisfaction.  Anyone can say it, but only a few can achieve this status.