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Hamilton Solar specializes in complete system service, including consultation, design, and installation.  Systems designed by Hamilton Solar use only the highest quality products so we can provide you with decades of clean, reliable energy.  Hamilton Solar stands behind all its installations and services.Our partners have over 35 years of experience in the high-quality home construction industry, and 6 years designing and installing hundreds of solar electric systems, ranging from residential to large commercial systems.If you are ready to see if your home or business is a good location for solar, get an evaluation by a Hamilton Solar Design Consultant – it’s free! Request one today

Hamilton Solar offers Nevada businesses complete engineering, procurement, and installation services for “turn-key” commercial solar photovoltaic systems.
From the initial design and consultation through final system commissioning, we have the resources necessary to successfully integrate a commercial solar PV project with any facility. To date, Hamilton Solar has installed some of the largest solar systems in Northern Nevada. The local solar industry benefits from our groundbreaking innovation, creativity, and wealth of knowledge.
After you contact one of our solar experts, we go to work immediately to determine if solar electricity is right for you. Following are the steps you will experience:

    Feasibility and Cost/Benefit Analysis
    Site Evaluation
    Design & Engineering
    Installation of your Solar System
    City and Utility Inspection
    Customer Care