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Coldwell Solar

Coldwell Solar
3845 Atherton Rd. Ste 9
3845 Atherton Rd. Ste 9
Rocklin,, CA 95765
United States


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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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Market Residential Properties

Coldwell Solar With over 23 years of experience in Northern and Central California, Coldwell Solar is one of the most prominent solar installers. Coldwell Solar specializes in designing cost-effective, quality systems for residential and commercial properties. We build our systems to last, so you can enjoy energy independence and free power for years to come.

 Coldwell Solar handles the solar project from start to finish without the use of sub-contractors. Therefore, you know your solar solution is direct from us. We take care of design, permits, installation, rebates and all other paperwork. We team up with roofing and construction experts to help ensure a smooth and simple process. No need to look anywhere else.