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We are local leaders in custom residential and commercial solar energy systems.Our tag line, “Wake up to the power of the Sun” is the driving philosophy behind our business and we work with each customer to carefully design and implement a custom solution that is tailored for their exact needs.  We are also committed to educating and informing people about the many benefits our solar energy systems can create for their home or business. We’re a First Class Company – As a premier solar energy provider we have substantial expertise in the design, installation, and maintenance of custom solar energy systems.  We are professionally licensed in the state of California and our highly skilled team brings many years of experience in renewable energy, electrical and construction.

When you hire A.M. Sun Solar you can expect a customized approach to meet your specific residential or commercial energy needs.  Our custom approach differentiates us from most other solar companies because they usually employ a “cookie cutter” approach to solar systems.  By designing each system for our customer’s specific needs, an A.M. Sun Solar System is guaranteed to be the right system at a great price.It’s no secret that the cost of consumer and commercial electricity is increasing with no signs of stopping. According to the Energy Information Association’s Annual Energy Review (See Report) the cost of residential electricity in the United States has increased by an average of 39 cents per kWh per year since 2000 while commercial electricity has increased an average 34 cents per year in the same amount of time (including deflation). At the same time residential energy consumption on the west coast has increased by 13% between 2001 and 2005 compared to just 3% between 1997 and 2001. The residential and commercial sector have an insatiable appetite for energy that is not aided by the recent pressure by government to go green in a world powered by non-renewable energy sources. Even our President has admitted that his plans for a cap and trade system will leave consumer’s with an even emptier wallet. See the video on the left for more information.