Solar Santa says: Get a solar-powered keyboard

Solar Santa says: Get a solar-powered keyboardSolar Santa’s clacking away on a wireless keyboard that he never needs to get up and replace the batteries in, thanks to his solar-powered Logitech keyboard.

And that’s good, because he’s got a lot of lists to check.

Logitech introduced the world’s first full-sized solar-powered, wireless keyboard for PC’s last year and it’s still tres-chic. It’s sleek, unique and now comes in two flavors, PC and Mac.

The device wirelessly connects to your computer via a nano receiver that plugs into one of your computer’s USB ports. Despite being cutting edge, it’s not prohibitively expensive either. The original runs at $71 on Logitech’s site, and the Mac version is even less at $60—which is less than Apple’s $69 Bluetooth keyboard.