Solar Christmas shopper—Day 4

Yesterday we talked about solar-powered chargers for campers as a gift idea. And they do make a great gift. But given that campers and hikers can’t access a plug easily, solar-power is a great area for other camping devices as well.

One amazing device, the SteriPen, comes in a configuration with a solar charger—the charger and extra battery add about $50 to the device’s price. The device uses ultraviolet light to sterilize water. It’s a great alternative to carrying around a water filter and is incredibly effective at rendering harmful bacteria and disease harmless. Professional hikers like Justin Lichter (aka Trauma)—who has hiked more than 10,000 miles in a year—swear by the SteriPen.

For the less adventurous camper, there are some other great devices out there as well.

For instance camping radios, like those made by Eton, have solar panels built in, so they charge up during the day. These are also great for emergency situations when there’s no power. Some of these devices may also have a flashlight and a hand crank, so you can power them up at night. Another option, fit for family camping, is the solar shower.

The solar shower is hooked on a branch facing the sun. As it sits out in the sun, water is heated in a plastic bag. Once the water is warmed, the user can stand under the shower head and wash off.

Image courtesy of SteriPen.