Solar Christmas shopper—Day 2

Do you know the urban warrior who carries an extra laptop battery because he or she just can’t get off the computer—for anything? Consider getting them a photovoltaic (PV) laptop bag. They might not need to lug around extra batteries anymore. These packs cost more than your normal laptop bag or backpack, but can keep a laptop and other electronic devices charged while that special someone is on the move.

Having a PV-powered laptop bag gives them an excuse to go to the park and take a working break. So they can munch on a street-meat lunch while checking email in the sun, in the park or grassy knoll down the street from the office. Some bags use flexible, thin-film PV cells to charge electronic devices, while some others use more traditional crystalline PV cells, which are more efficient, but usually not flexible.

Companies like Voltaic, Power Traveler, Sakku (these bags definitely look pretty cool) offer bags and backpacks that double as chargers for laptops and other portable devices.