An update of things to come

In the interest of staying current with the solar industry, especially in our home state of Colorado, Chris Hamilton, senior solar consultant at Vibrant Solar, has agreed to update me weekly on what’s happening in his world.

We’re hoping that these updates can provide a barometer, if you will, for the industry as a whole, and give you, the readers, a window into how a solar firm operates and evolves. In addition, I’m hoping that some of these talks will demystify solar a bit for uncertain, curious, or cynical residents who think solar sounds good as a concept but can’t justify installing a system.

Hamilton has clued me in on a bunch of upcoming projects that we at Clean Energy Authority will cover, including a Hertz facility, located at the Denver International Airport, as well as a ribbon-cutting event in Fowler, Colo., which will be attended by our very-own governor Bill Ritter. We’re also planning to publish a few videos from the scene of a solar installation, which should be live sometime next week.

So be sure to check back in, and please, if you have any questions about these posts, comment. Have a specific question for Hamilton or myself, just ask. Start a dialogue, and let’s have a real conversation about doubts, concerns, plans, or triumphs regarding the best energy source on the planet.

Pictured: One of the many homes Vibrant Solar has equipped with solar panels.