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REVSOLAR is a Scottsdale residential solar power developer. We focus 100% of our skills and abilities on the customer experience and partner with the best installation specialists in our local markets. Our team of solar industry experts is dedicated to educating homeowners on the tremendous benefits of solar power. At REVSOLAR, the customer experience is our top priority. We demonstrate that from the first introduction of the benefits of solar, the preparation that goes into a proposal, the in-home experience, the financing integration, the project construction and lifetime customer service. While our partners focus their entire energy on the construction process, we are free to focus entirely on the customer. This attention to the customer experience is the REVSOLAR difference. EXPERIENCE: The principals at REVSOLAR and ElectriCare, our Arizona installation specialist, have personally developed and installed over 2,500 residential solar projects. They have designed, engineered and installed over 15 million watts of commercial solar. They have over 25 years of combined experience helping homeowners save money with solar energy. TRUST: Our unique residential solar development model, where sales and installation are separated, allows our company to act as an additional layer of project management and oversight for our customers. Our installers aren’t only accountable to you, but as your advocate, to us as well. FINANCE DISCLOSURE: In the complex world of solar financing, REVSOLAR is committed to explaining the pro’s and con’s of ALL solar acquisition methods. We are licensed to provide PPA’s, Leases and every variety of purchase financing. We will model each one for you financially and let you make the choice that is best for your family. Each and every piece of the finance puzzle is disclosed and communicated clearly. DESIGN CHOICES: No “cookie cutter” systems at REVSOLAR. Our energy experts are trained to custom design systems to perform exactly according to your individual needs. Our specialized talents allow us to achieve what other solar companies say can’t be done. If you are looking to shave peak tier prices or provide 100% of your energy needs from the sun, or anything in between, we will listen to your design concerns and make sure you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision and design the perfect system. KNOWLEDGE: Residential Solar is an industry that is constantly evolving. New finance programs are introduced to the markets regularly and changing regulatory environments make the solar formula a moving target. Having a company that is focused entirely on the customer experience, and how these changes affect the customer, is vital to enabling customers to make the best decision for their home. HISTORY: The principals at REVSOLAR have been at the forefront of solar development since its boom in 2009 and Electricare has been exclusively installing solar in California since 2002. With deep roots in the history of the developing solar market in the USA, REVSOLAR has positioned itself to succeed for years to come. LOCAL: REVSOLAR has sales offices in local markets all across California & Arizona. Our energy experts and installation partners are long standing members of the local community and are dedicated to growing local business. We live, work and play in the communities we serve.