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Since you are here, you're probably concerned about the rising cost of your electric bill and maybe a bit concerned with issues such as global warming, the volatile nature of oil prices, and the continuing strain on our electrical grid infrastructure. Well, at Green Light Solar Industries, we are too!

And we have good news; with 4000 hours of sunshine each year and regulatory support for solar panel installations, Arizona is a great place for residential and commercial solar systems. Unlike the Stock Market, Solar is one investment with predictable and guaranteed payback.
Here is even more good news, with the ongoing increases in solar panel production, the competition among suppliers, and competition from other "distributed energy generation" sources such as wind and concentrated Solar. Photovoltaic Solar (traditional Solar Panels) have become more affordable than ever!

However as much as we love solar, there are other, and yes, less expensive ways to save on energy use in your home. That is why at GLSI we provide a free energy use audit with every PV System quotation.
We can then reccomend and provide the additional services which will improve the energy efficiency of your home, and reduce the total number of solar panels needed to take care of your total electric bill. Our motto is, after all, "First Conserve....Then Create".