Solar Energy News

What's happening around the world in the solar industry and how it might affect you
Solar Growth

Solar panel costs are low and slipping ever lower. That means rooftop solar will become increasingly easy for the average person to adopt, and increasingly economically advantageous.

A Washington D.C.-based solar research and education nonprofit released its annual solar jobs census earlier this month, which found that employment in the U.S. solar industry grew by more than 20 percent in 2015.

Five Points Solar

The University of California switched on a 60-megawatt solar energy plant on Thursday that it intends to expand to 80 megawatts by mid-2017, at which point it will become the largest solar purchase by any university in the United States.

There are currently more than 10 gigawatts worth of solar photovoltaic projects under construction in the United States, according to data recently released by GTM Research.