California PUC decision is a big win for solar

The sun will continue to shine on the solar industry in California. Utility regulators there voted this week to retain retail rate net metering for solar customers. While there will be some changes to the state’s net metering policies, the vote is seen by most as a victory for California’s rooftop solar customers and businesses.

In a close 3-2 vote, regulators agreed to allow utilities to charge a one-time $75 to $150 interconnection fee and to charge solar customers a small additional fee that other users pay toward offsetting the cost of programs for energy efficiency improvements and for low-income customers. Net metering will also be based on time of day use.

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Can you install solar panels on a metal roof?

Installing solar on a metal roof

As fires and extreme weather have wreaked havoc on insurance company profit margins over the last decade, more and more homeowners are trading asphalt shingles for metal roofs and lower premiums. That’s fantastic, but it leaves some wondering if they can still install rooftop solar on their metal shingles.

While metal roofs are becoming more popular, they’re still far less common than asphalt shingles, and many contractors aren’t that familiar with either the roofs or solar panels, let alone how to marry the two.

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DOE awards $18 million for solar-plus-storage projects

SunShot awards $18 million for solar storage projects

Solar plus storage got a big boost this week with $18 million in SunShot Initiative grants from the Department of Energy.

While SunShot is striding briskly toward its goal of getting the cost of installed rooftop solar down to $1 per watt or 6 cents per kilowatt hour, the DOE is taking it one step farther now. Its new SHINES program, short for Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage and Solar PV, has a price target of 14 cents per kilowatt hour. That’s for fully integrated solar and storage solutions.

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