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Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv
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residential properties

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With the extensive federal & state government rebates and incentives, Solar is actually cheaper than everything else. While everybody gets a 30% tax credit from the Federal government which is great on its own. However, there are lucky residents in certain municipalities who are eligible for additional rebates that can make Solar so inexpensive that its return on investment will exceed 99% of mutual funds or virtually any other potential investment in the long term. Check out this government site for estimating solar returns and plug in your own numbers. If you can get your system for a low price, as you will with Prontia, the ROI gets even better. AB 920 requires utility companies to pay households or businesses for any extra electricity produced by the customer’s solar power system. Supporters said the bill would encourage customers, who previously had no incentive to use less electricity than was generated, to be more efficient.