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EveryoneSolar is committed to bringing the most affordable, highest-quality solar water heating products to customers all over the United States.  With our system design expertise, we leverage the best existing technologies to design solar water heaters that combine high quality and low cost, delivering the best value to the homeowner. We know that once homeowners become aware of how affordable solar water heating can be – and how much money it can save them – solar water heating will become much more popular in the U.S., increasing our energy independence and helping the environment at the same time.

Solar Water Heating is the most affordable solar technology available.  Solar panels on the roof absorb sun’s energy, heating up water for use in your house.  Simple and affordable, solar water heating saves an average family hundreds of dollars a year.EveryoneSolar’s passive solar heating systems are simpler and thus more affordable than other types of solar water heating. Solar water heating is as simple as it sounds – the sun shines on a solar collector to warm up the water, reducing your energy bill every shining second. Although there are several different technologies, all of them utilize some form of solar collector on the roof that either warms up water directly, or warms up another liquid which then warms up the water you use.  On sunny or partly-sunny days, the water becomes so warm that the existing electric or gas-powered water heater does not turn on at all.  On cloudy or rainy days, the existing water heater helps to heat the water, ensuring that the homeowner always has hot water.  Over the course of the year, solar water heater reduces your water heating bills by about 70% (in most climates), savings an average family $250-500/yr.