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Midwest Green Energy
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Midwest Green Energy, LLC, is a clean renewable alternative energy supplier and resource company for Solar and Wind systems in the central United States. Our optional "grid enabled" turn-key systems of Solar-Photovoltaic (PV), Solar-Thermal and Wind Power systems are installed by experienced and insured professionals.

Once implemented these systems will provide relief from today’s escalating energy costs along with making a contribution to the environment.

Economic Benefits: Delivers power at a fixed price versus the escalating and unpredictable costs of oil, gas, and grid electricity. These systems also contribute to the reduction of our collective dependence on foreign oil imports. Federal, State, and Utility rebates and tax credits for Solar systems are valuable to offset or lower the initial investment.

Environmental Benefits: Slows the burning of fossil fuels, the largest contributor
of green house gas emissions, and air pollution. These systems preserve natural habitats that are often damaged or destroyed by oil, gas, and coal exploitation while contributing to the saving of forests that are often cut down for cooking and heating purposes.


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