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PO Box 284
Thomas, WV 26292
United States


39.1489967, -79.498109

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
KW's Installed 0
Licenses WV041412
In Business Since 2006
Market Residential Properties

PIMBY Energy is a small company located in Thomas, West Virginia. Our customers are people who believe in the potential of clean renewable energy.

We work in the mountains of West Virginia, western Maryland, and western Virginia – some of the most spectacular places in the eastern U.S. In more than five years of service we have helped homeowners and business owners become part of an energy future that looks brighter and brighter each day. At its root a PIMBY is someone who wants to take responsibility for generating a commodity that we all depend on - electricity. The motivation for doing so varies from customer to customer. Some folks can’t get utility power out to their home site, some folks recognize the importance of being good stewards of this world which we all share, and some folks desire more energy independence. Regardless of motivation, PIMBY customers share a sense of agency that sets them apart from many of their neighbors.