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Mountain View Solar


Mountain View Solar & Wind LLC
11500 Valley Road Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
United States


39.4717352, -78.3080698

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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Office Fax Number: 304-258-4250
In Business Since 2005
Market Commercial Properties, Residential Properties

Mountain View Solar is West Virginia's largest solar PV installation company. Specializing in residential, commercial, municipal, and government solar installations throughout the state and in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Our interest in sustainable transportation has also pushed us in the direction of solar-based electric vehicle charging, with EV charging stations installed throughout the state. Along with solar PV installation, we are active in our community and throughout the state, working as educators and advocates for renewable energy. We have been instrumental in the formation of state level incentives for solar energy, as well as incentives for Electric Vehicle charging stations. Our view of solar PV as a domestic energy source has led us to use, as much as possible, products and technologies made in the USA. With this approach, we can not only take part in building a new domestic energy economy, we can be a part in rebuilding domestic infrastructure.

Mountain View Solar is deeply rooted in our local community. We had our start in the custom home building industry, and over those years become known as one of the Eastern Panhandle’s premier builder of green, custom homes. The last several years of building houses designed and engineered to use less energy inspired the idea to also create some of the energy the houses would use. This led us to our transition to renewable energy systems in 2006.

MTVSolar has become one of the regions largest solar installation companies, and by far West Virginia’s largest PV integrator. Our installations run the full spectrum, with residential, commercial, and municipal work forming the majority of our installations. Along with West Virginia, we are licensed in MD, VA, and PA, with installations reaching from Chambersburg, Pa, to Williamson WV on the Kentucky border.

Along with our focus on solar PV installation, we have been active in WV as an educational and advocacy group, and have helped--and continue to help--guide policy in the state to support renewable energy and it's many benefits. Along with the obvious benefit of supplying clean, affordable energy, we are helping shape policies that will create jobs in our industry and in our state. Education and training provided by MTVSolar has helped us reach a far wider area in West Virginia than otherwise possible, and has created jobs across the state as well as many jobs created in the Eastern Panhandle. We are committed to continued education and advocacy as well as keeping our presence at the state level to help formulate policies within the state, with the intent that renewable energy is added to the portfolio of domestic energy that West Virginia is known for.