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Blue Ridge Sun

Blue Ridge Sun
P.O. Box 583
Max Meadows, VA 24360
United States


36.9703976, -80.9495251

Types Of Energy Installed solar electric pv, solar pool heating, wind power
KW's Installed 22
Licenses Class A Contractor, Alternative Energy Systems
In Business Since 2008
Market Residential Properties, Commercial Properties

Located near the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Blue Ridge Sun is a Class A licensed and insured contractor for alternative energy systems.


Blue Ridge Sun offers design and installation services for residential, commercial, and municipal solar and other alternative energy systems.  We are the first in the region to install grid-tie and grid-tie with battery back-up solar systems.  Blue Ridge Sun also is experienced in the installation of off-grid systems, including industrial size battery systems.  We directly source our products from our network of manufacturers and wholesale suppliers.  Whether you are doing an alternative energy project yourself, or having it contracted, Blue Ridge Sun can help you plan and competitively source your products:

* Off-grid and grid-tie * Photovoltaics * Wind * Micro-hydro * Water pumping * Solar pool heating * Lighting, ventilation, and more   Blue Ridge Sun also designs and constructs custom-made battery bank cabinets to help ensure safer and more efficient operation of battery bank systems.


Solar Electric Panels:
Racking Systems: