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Licenses State: TX Trade: Texas - Master Electrician License #: 22863 Expiration: 05/11/2018 ​State: TX Trade: Texas - Electrical Contractor License #: 32507 Expiration: 03/24/2018
Market Commercial Properties, Residential Properties

When it comes to solar energy upgrades, it’s crucial to hire the right company. Empire NRG Consultants stands out in a number of ways. Our team will evaluate your current electrical system and custom-design a solar energy solution that allows you to make the most of this technology without negatively impacting the appearance or functionality of your home. Solar technology is more affordable than you probably think, and we offer financing options that make it even more affordable. As soon as your solar energy upgrade is in place, you’ll start saving on energy costs, so the return on your investment will begin right away.

Empire NRG Consultants is happy to perform free energy audits. These are very in-depth, thorough assessments of the energy efficiency of people’s homes. Homeowners are routinely surprised by what we discover. Whether you already know areas that need improvement or have no clue where to begin, an energy audit is a great place to start. By the time the audit is through, you will be a true expert when it comes to the energy efficiency of your home. We will then provide you with a list of improvements that can help you slash your energy usage and save you money.