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Astra industries is a multi-industrial entity established in 1986 to develop commercial exchanges between Europe, Africa and the middle east. Astra industries was founded in 1986 by Tony Araman for the production and distribution of lighting products all over the world. Astra industries believes in innovation, creativity and modern design to offer high quality products. High standards and consumers’ satisfaction drive our researches and new ranges of lighting devices. Astra industries is the lead lighting company in the euro-Mediterranean countries.

Astra is the worldwide leading company in Solid State LED lighting technology since 2008.  It has a 25 years experience in the lighting field. Astra R&D team has integrated the Double α heat sink ® in all its products range (EP 2369226 and US 20110286216.) Astra has introduced a wide range of Double α heat sink ® LED lighting fittings for buildings, individual houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, malls, shops, hospitals, gas stations, colleges, underground parking etc. Astra lighting fittings are produced and tested according to RoHS and EN 60598. Astra products guarantee energy savings five to ten times more efficient than traditional devices.In order to undertake all necessary studies for the choice and quantity of luminaires used in projects, Astra Industries puts its research and development department at the disposal of its customers. These studies are performed by a group of qualified engineers according to relevant standards, particularly DIN 5035 (for interior lighting). Plans and data given by the clients are used to give a correct and rapid planning of interior lighting equipment. Serious mistakes and bad investments can be avoided by following the recommendations of experts. Appropriate planning and studies are prerequisites for a better energy saving system. This service is usually free of charge for Astra customers.