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Ambassador Energy of Dallas


Ambassador Energy of Dallas
1214 Kings Hwy
Dallas, TX 75208
United States


32.7514322, -96.8417753

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
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Market Residential Properties

Ambassador Energy provides a consolidated platform of renewable energy training, support and closed product-agnostic distribution to our authorized Agents, who are select contractors and entrepreneurs migrating into the renewable energy marketplace.  Ambassador Energy agents thrive, addressing three critical components in the downstream marketplace:

First, only those with a strong propensity to succeed are invited to join the Ambassador Energy Agency family, as we do not recognize revenue until we have fully trained our Agencies, partnering with them to provide a jumpstart and best opportunities to succeed within their marketplaces.

Second, Ambassador Energy recognizes that, within the current open-distribution model, solar contractors are not comprehensively supported. In the mainstream model, there exists no consolidated mechanism allowing contractors to succeed; from quote to close, from incentive applications to receipt of rebates, from viewing our downstream integrator marketplace as clear and consolidated rather than obscure, confusing and fragmented.

Third, Ambassador Energy performs the role of "Mothership" as new technologies emerge. We push out to our Agency family:  best practices; best prices; best products; in general, best of breed in all arenas which exist now and which will emerge in the near and distant futures.