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Sundog Solar Energy

Sundog Solar Energy LLC
1809 Lakehurst Dr.
Nashville, TN 37206
United States


36.178506, -86.734975

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
KW's Installed 550
Licenses Tennessee licensed electrical contractor
In Business Since 2010
Market Residential Properties, Commercial Properties

Company owner and lead installer Gary Wolf has been installing solar PV full-time since 2007. He was the first crew leader for the first full-time solar PV installation cmpany in the state, created and taught a solar installer training program at the Green Sustainable Energy Campus at the Tennessee Technology Center at Dickson, and then created Sundog Solar Energy LLC in 2010. 

Sundog has installed grid-tied and off-grid systems, residential and commercial. To the best of our knowledge, it is the only company in Tennessee that has experience with central inverters, string inverters, microinverters and module maximizers.

A sundog is a creature of light, ice and geometry, a cousin of rainbows. When the sun is low on the horizon and appears to have one or usually two dusky companion suns, sometimes surrounded by wispy rainbow arcs, that's a sundog. It happens when sunlight passes through six-sided ice crystals, refracting at many angles but collecting into just enough lines from our line of vision to let us see what otherwise isn't really there.

All Sundog crew members (up to six) are NABCEP entry-level certified and graduates of accredited solar installer training programs.

Solar Electric Panels: