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Solar & Renewable Power Systems

Solar & Renewable Power Systems, LLC
33 Old Hickory Blvd
Jackson, TN 38305
United States


35.654988, -88.826684

Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
KW's Installed 0
Licenses 40003
In Business Since 2008
Market Residential Properties

Solar & Renewable Power Systems, LLC (SRPS) is headquartered in the hub city of Jackson, Tn. This strategic location centrally located in Tennessee and the southeast on one of the nation’s largest interstates I-40 makes us very appealing to manufacturers looking to distribute products. Solar & Renewable Power Systems, LLC is a Division of Paradoxe Corporation and possesses the technical capability, business expertise, and cultural understanding to serve customers equally as well whether International or Domestic.

SRPS and Paradoxe Corporation’s core geographical markets are North America, Central America (including the Caribbean Islands) and South America. We serve these markets by offering solution’s and prices for projects, products and components. We have offices in each of these regions to better serve you.

SRPS offers a wide range of products and services designed to offer energy solutions that implement clean and renewable energies such as sunlight and wind. We represent some of the largest cutting edge technologies offered in the renewable energy field today. We offer superior products to the customer at competitive prices.

Our professional team with over 45 years of combined knowledge offers numerous value added services to help the customer implement “green” renewable energy products into their lives. Some of our teams credentials include: Sharp Certified Installation Training, Florida Solar Energy Center Training, Solar Energy International Training and Sol Lighting Certification. Our experienced team offers services from large scale utility projects to commercial systems down to small residential applications. No project is too large or small.

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