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Types Of Energy Installed Solar Electric PV
KW's Installed 145
Licenses TN Contractor License- 62244. NABCEP Certified PV Solar Installation Professional (Ernie Williams)
In Business Since 2009
Market Commercial Properties, Residential Properties

We have a combined 50+ years in the electrical and solar business, with both Grid-Tie and Off-Grid experience.  While many installers sell cheaper imported solar panels, we only sell American made modules, and source as many of the other components from American manufacturers as possible, with all grid-tie systems having 25 year warranties on both the panels & inverters.   We take pride in our quality workmanship and track record of every customer having a rate of return equal or more than our projections-  we'd rather slightly under-predict and over-deliver than to have a disappointed customer. 

With over 140 KW of installations ranging from small residential systems to medium sized commercial systems, we can help you reduce or eliminate your electric bill or power your off-grid home or remote power application.   We are a fully licensed and insured contractor and will gladly share installation references with you on request.  Check with us for the latest status of the contantly changing incentives available under TVA.  As of May 2013, TVA has reached their limit for grid-connections for 2013 and the program is expected to return at a lower premium rate for 2014 to reflect the dropping price of solar systems.  For commercial customers, we can help ensure you get all the tax incentives available.  We can even provide your accountant with the necessary tax code & information, as many tax professionals simply don't have much experience with this area of tax law as the growing popularity of solar is still in its infancy in Tennessee. 

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