What is the Effect of Snow on Solar Panels?

snow on solar panels

Innovative technologies like solar cells and panels are propelling us towards cleaner and greener sources of energy. However, the pertinent question is whether the benefits of solar energy are only for those living in the sunnier states of America; like California, Florida, or Texas? Is solar a feasible and practical option for states that have snowy winters?

Let us discuss this in detail, and try to answer some questions regarding the use of solar during snowy winters.



Solar Panels & Snow: A Comprehensive Guide

Snow On Solar Panels

Many people believe that you need to live in a sunny region all-year around, in order to get the most out of your solar installation.

So if you live in the states outside of Florida or Arizona, you have a problem. Not true! Solar panels are productive all through the year – in all four seasons. And even when it snows!