HECO plan triples solar, but will it stop grid defection?

HECO plan triples solar, but will it stop grid defection in Hawaii?

Hawaii Electric Companies proposed a plan this week to triple rooftop solar on the islands it serves by 2030 and reduce utility bills by 20 percent. But the solar industry isn’t applauding the effort yet.

While Hawaii would get more than 65 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2030, the plan calls for measures that could increase costs for home and business owners who install solar, offsetting the benefits.

Solar advocates and some community leaders are skeptical the plan is a good one.

Solar Water Heaters Mandatory in Hawaii

Solar Hot Water Panels In Hawaii

Solar water heaters are now required on all new single-family homes constructed in Hawaii.

Starting January 1, 2010, building permits on all single-family new home construction in Hawaii may not be issued if the home does not include a solar water heating system

This legislation, SB644, was enacted in June of 2009; however, the state energy resources coordinator may be able to provide a variance for this requirement if: