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President Trump Implements New Solar Panel Tariff

President Trump Does not like solar energy

President Donald Trump shocked the industry on Monday after his administration decided to impose tariffs on up to 30 percent of imported solar panels. The move came as an attempt to help the American solar panel industry by supporting domestic manufacturers.

Reactions to the announcement vary from complete despair for the solar industry to those who think the news won’t affect solar manufacturers very much, if at all.

Plummeting Solar Panel Prices Could Lead Industry Growth

Solar Growth

Solar panel costs are low and slipping ever lower. That means rooftop solar will become increasingly easy for the average person to adopt, and increasingly economically advantageous.

Green Tech Media reported in February that solar had reached grid parity – the point at which installing rooftop solar panels makes equal or better economic sense than traditional fossil fuel and coal-powered electricity generation – in 20 of the 50 states. GTM predicts that solar will be at grid parity in 42 states by 2020, just a little more than three years from now.