Climate Change

Indicators That Show The US is Speeding its Way to a Greener, Cleaner Future

energy grid

Climate change risks have significantly escalated over the years. Last year saw the Amazon rainforest burning for months. Barely a week into the New Year, the news channels are eager to spew out all the gory details of Australia’s widespread bushfires, with far reaching effects on both wildlife and humanity.

How bad is Trump for the future of rooftop solar?

Donald Trump’s White House is not likely to be good for the future of utility-scale or rooftop solar energy or for the future of the planet. The good news is that solar energy has enough momentum to shine through the cloudy two to four years ahead.

Trump is among those who believe the vast majority of the globe’s best scientific minds are behind an elaborate “hoax,” aimed at fraudulently convincing the public that humans and their fossil fuels are damaging the environment, leading to dramatic climate change and the rapid melting of polar ice caps.