Barron Electric Cooperative - Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate

Program Barron Electric Cooperative - Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State Wisconsin
Administrator Barron Electric Cooperative
Sectors Residential

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate

Barron Electric Cooperative will give a free Siemens 30-A Level 2 VersiCharge electric vehicle charger to members who purchase an electric vehicle and meet the requirements listed in this form. In addition to the free charging station, eligible members may be compensated for other equipment purchases. 

Level II Electric Vehicle Charge Stations

Level 2 charging uses 240 volt power to enable faster regeneration of an EV’s battery system. Providing this type of charging requires installation of an EVSE unit and electrical wiring capable of handling higher voltage power. Plug-in America’s PlugStar tools offer a listing of Level 2 EVSE currently on the market. Many utilities are offering free level 2 charging equipment and/or incentives with an electric car purchase. These stations provide fast charge times of 10 - 20 miles of range per hour of charge and about 3% more energy efficiency than level 1 stations. These systems are more expensive than level 1 stations and may have a potentially higher impact on peak kilowatt demand charges for businesses. 

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