Texas-New Mexico Power Company - SCORE/CitySmart, Commercial Solutions, and Small Business Programs

Program Texas-New Mexico Power Company - SCORE/CitySmart, Commercial Solutions, and Small Business Programs
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State Texas
Administrator Texas-New Mexico Power Company
Website http://www.tnmpefficiency.com
Start Date
Technologies Solar Photovoltaics


The TNMP SCORE/CitySmart program helps school facilities and local governments identify energy efficiency opportunities in existing and newly planned facilities and provides financial incentives to help implement the projects. The programs are funded by the TNMP and offered at no cost to participants. No products or services are sold through the CitySmart or SCORE Programs. Non-financial incentives include customized energy performance benchmarking, energy master planning workshops, technical energy efficiency assistance, and communications and public relations support. Cash incentives of $100-$200 per kilowatt (kW) reduction in peak demand are available.

Commercial Solutions

The TNMP Commercial Solutions program provides incentives for new construction or the retrofit installation of a wide range of measures that reduce customer energy costs, reduce peak demand, or save energy in non-residential facilities.  Incentives are paid to energy efficiency service providers on the basis of standardized savings calculations according to the Texas Technical Reference Manual or on the basis of measured and verified savings. Cash incentives vary by technology and are based on a project’s reductions in peak demand (kW) and energy consumption (kilowatt-hours (kWh)), as follows:

  • Lighting: $100/kW + $0.02/kWh
  • LEDs: $150/kW + $0.03/kWh
  • HVAC DX: $125/kW + $0.03/kWh
  • Chiller: $150/kW + $0.03/kWh
  • Motors: $150/kW + $0.03/kWh
  • VFD: $100/kW + $0.02/kWh
  • Window Film: $50/kW + $0.02/kWh
  • Roofing: $150/kW + $0.03/kWh
  • Solar PV: $200/kW + $0.04/kWh
  • Other: $150/kW + $0.03/kWh

Small Business

The Open for Small Business Program is designed to offer contractor and customer education on energy efficiency technologies, equip participating contractors with the tools they need to succeed in generating revenue from projects in the small business market, and offer substantial incentive rates needed to move small (≤100 kW) and very small (≤10 kW) businesses to install energy efficient products such as high efficiency lighting and refrigeration measures. The program overcomes market barriers by providing incentives to help pay for energy efficiency upgrades. In addition, Open for Small Business Program connects customers with participating contractors that are qualified to provide design and installation services for energy efficient technologies and give customers any additional technical support to make them comfortable with the implementation of efficiency measures in their facilities.

Contact TNMP for more information on these offerings.

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