Oncor Electric Delivery - Commercial and Industrial Rebate Program

Program Oncor Electric Delivery - Commercial and Industrial Rebate Program
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State Texas
Administrator Oncor Electric Delivery
Website http://www.takealoadofftexas.com/business/
Technologies Solar Photovoltaics

Oncor provides incentives to Service Providers who install approved energy efficiency measures in business, government, nonprofit, and worship facilities in Oncor's service area. Service providers can include energy service companies (ESCOs), energy consultants, contractors, individual customers, and retail electric providers. Generally, incentives are paid based on the kW and kWh saved and verified through a measurement and verification process. However, certain types of improvement projects have been assigned pre-determined "deemed savings" estimates by the Texas Public Utilities Commission (PUCT) and do not require verification. Currently, 17 types of cooling projects and nine types of lighting projects have deemed savings assigned and do not require measurement and verification if they are installed to the required specifications. Project sponsor incentives are capped at 20% of the incentive budget in a given budget year. Visit the Oncor program web site for additional details.

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