PSEG Long Island - Renewable Electricity Goal

Program PSEG Long Island - Renewable Electricity Goal
Category Regulatory Policy
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State New York
Technologies Solar Photovoltaics

NOTE: As of January 1, 2014, Long Island is served by PSEG Long Island, replacing Long Island Power Authority (LIPA). Long Island Renewable Energy goal ended in 2013, and currently does not have any specific renewable energy target. In October 2014, PSEG LI filed its first annual Long Range Plan (Utility 2.0 plan) which includes specific goals of reducing peak demand and improving efficiency. PSEG LI is currently developing its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) which would include resource standards. 

As a municipal utility, the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is not obligated to comply with the New York Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). The LIPA Board of Trustees has nevertheless decided to make their own renewable energy commitment mirroring the requirements for New York’s investor owned utilities. The initiative is outlined in LIPA’s 2004-2013 Energy Plan, approved in June 2004, and states an intention to comply with the state requirement that 25% of electricity generation come from renewable resources by 2013. For LIPA, this will entail an 8-10% increase in renewable energy procurement, met through periodic requests for proposals (RFPs) for renewable generation.

The technologies eligible for LIPA’s self-imposed RPS are identical to those specified under the New York State RPS. New renewable energy generation used to satisfy LIPA's goal may not be used to satisfy the state RPS (or vice versa), nor can it be considered part of a separate renewable energy program (e.g., green pricing or green market programs). This is to ensure that the renewable energy credits (RECs) generated for inclusion within the LIPA RPS are not “double counted” for the purpose of supplying another program. LIPA requires that both renewable electricity and RECs be delivered to Long Island in order to count under the renewables target.

The LIPA 2010 - 2020 Resource Plan (see program web site above) adopted in February 2010 addresses how LIPA plans to achieve the commitments it has made to renewable energy. In January 2010, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) increased the state RPS to 30% by 2015. According to current resource plan, LIPA has adopted the revised target as part of a plan to reach defined renewable energy goals.

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