NebraskaAs part of America’s breadbasket, Nebraska has plenty of sunlight that keeps its crops growing. Sadly, as of yet, Nebraska’s legislature has not yet done much in the way of promoting this natural resource as a source of clean energy for its residents. Net metering does exist in Nebraska, but unfortunately, the rate is so low that only industrial-sized solar energy systems could benefit appreciably from it. Additionally, the cap for credits in this program is 1 percent of the total energy produced by the utilities companies, so after the cap is reached, you will not receive any credits at all. Contact your state legislature to see how you can go about trying to improve this program for all Nebraska residents.

If you are a Cornhusker, there are some renewable energy programs available for homeowners and business pioneers in the forms of loans and energy innovation grants. Additionally, most utilities companies in the major cities offer ways to take advantage of the net metering program. Nebraska has the potential to become a solar energy powerhouse that would rival its agricultural capacity, but it’s up to you to make sure that the state starts taking steps in the right direction