Entergy Mississippi- Residential Energy Efficiency Program

Program Entergy Mississippi- Residential Energy Efficiency Program
Category Financial Incentive
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State Mississippi
Website http://www.entergy-mississippi.com/your_home/save_money/EE/residential-solution…
Sectors Residential

Entergy Mississippi offers residential energy efficiency programs to help residential customers save energy by providing rebates for lighting, heating and cooling equipment, A/C tune ups, and energy audit. Incentives for lighting are offered as in-store discount at participating retailers. Customers may also choose to schedule a free energy audit of their homes. A walk through energy audit will provide a comprehensive list of energy saving measures for the home, and will also provide low-cost energy efficiency equipment including CFLs, faucet aerators, and efficient showerheads at no additional cost. Incentives up to $500 is available to replace an existing HVAC system. Systems must be installed by a participating contractor. Please visit the program website, or call 844-523-9980 for more information. 

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