Program Solar Contractor Licensing
Category Regulatory Policy
Implementing sector State
Last Update
State Louisiana
Technologies Solar Water Heat, Solar Photovoltaics

NOTE: SB 447 requires that by February 1, 2015 licensed contractors must be in compliance with the Louisiana State Board of Licensing to legally install solar panels. Contractors without solar PV Installer or Solar Heating Installer certifications issued the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) will at a minimum be required to take a written exam to demonstrate competency.

In June of 2014, SB 447 mandated that the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors develop new rules for solar contractors no later than January 1, 2015. Licensed contractors must be in compliance with the new rules no later than February 1, 2015. Contractors applying for the classification of Solar Energy Equipment must have a major classification for Building Construction, Electrical, Mechanical, or Residential Building Contractor in addition to other licenses and must complete a board approved training course in solar energy systems design. A license is required for projects with expenses of $10,000.  

Contractors who did not hold a license with one of the classifications of Building Construction, Electrical, or Mechanical as of August 1, 2014, must take an examination approved by the Board or hold the PV Installer Certification Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) in order to obtain the Solar Energy Equipment classification.

All solar energy installations must be performed by a contractor duly licensed by and in good standing with the Louisiana Contractors Licensing Board with a classification of "Solar Energy Equipment" and a certificate of training in the design and installation of solar energy systems from an industry recognized training entity, or a Louisiana technical college, or the owner of the residence.

Installers must have the appropriate license, as well as this specialty classification in order for systems to take advantage of state tax credits. Installers must be licensed with the Louisiana Contractors Licensing Board. This specialty classification does not substitute for an electrical or mechanical license; installers must have this specialty classification in addition to an electrical contractor's license (for solar photovoltaic installations) or a mechanical contractor's license (for solar thermal installations).

Additional contractor-specific information can be found here.

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