KentuckyIf you’re lucky enough to enjoy the low utility fees prevalent in Kentucky, you can save even more money while saving the planet by taking advantage of some of the financial incentives for solar power available to state residents.

Energy costs in Kentucky are about 3.5 cents per kilowatt-hour less than the national average, largely because of the state's vast coal reserves. When utility rates are that low, renewable energy adoption is slow. It takes more creativity to realize a cost savings when you install solar in a place with low grid power rates. However, Kentucky does offer some incentives that make solar financially enticing, including tax credits, loans, and even an electricity generation partnership program.

You’re probably fairly happy with your utilities provider if you live in the Bluegrass State; after all, E. ON U.S., LLC, the main energy provider for much of the state, consistently ranks among the top utility companies for customer satisfaction. This contentedness, coupled with the widespread availability of coal, are reasons Kentucky has not instituted as many incentives for renewable energy as some other states.


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