GeorgiaGeorgia is well-known for its lush landscapes that thrive in the warm weather and its abundance of sunlight. Until very recently, however, Georgia’s legislature had taken very little action in the way of taking advantage of this ever-present resource. In order to help residents, save money, as well as improve the air quality of the state, especially around its major cities, Georgia has passed legislation to promote the installation and use of renewable energy in homes and businesses.

Happily, for green-savvy Georgia residents, the days when net metering was the only incentive to use solar power are over. Now, there are a variety of ways in which Georgians can benefit from the shift toward renewable energy. Several local utilities companies, including those deriving their power from the Tennessee Valley Authority, offer rebate programs. In addition, statewide programs such as personal tax credits, net metering, and rebate programs for some solar power and heating equipment are helping Georgia take the lead in renewable energy in the South.


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