Matanuska Electric Association - Net Metering

Program Matanuska Electric Association - Net Metering
Category Technical Resource
Implementing sector Utility
Last Update
State Alaska
Administrator Matanuska Electric Association
Sectors Residential

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska's net metering commission, taking effect in 2010, allows customers to install and use specific types of renewable generation to offset monthly energy usage and sell excel power to their electric utilities. Matanuska Electric Association offers this service, providing several online resources such as service conditions and applications, etc. Net metering, also referred to as co-generation, allows MEA members to generate a portion of their electricity from an approved site generating source. This can offset the member’s own personal energy usage and in some cases cover beyond the member’s personal usage. Any unused electricity generated by the member, can be sold back to MEA at a rate comparable to the avoided cost of MEA having to generate that same energy.

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