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HYenergy Wind Turbine is the one of the most well built, reliable, most efficient and cost-effective small wind turbine available on the market today. The HYenergy Wind turbine system is the perfect choice in a smart investment for a renewable energy solution built on advanced technologies.Windmax H series wind turbines lead the small wind turbine industry by eliminating problematic mechanical furling over speed control which requires a lot of maintenance and causes wind turbine failure.
The HYenergy wind turbine system defines a new level of superior performance and reliability in the small wind turbine industry. Brushless, strong Neodymium magnet PMA, unique winding and multi pole design reduce the start-up torque of the alternator to assure the HYenergy wind turbine have great performance at low wind speed. Designed with both reliability and performance in mind, HYenergy Wind Turbines feature maintenance free design, high reliability and consistent performance.
WindMax Green Energy is your One Stop Shop for reliable residential or marine wind turbines, off grid and grid tie wind generators, wind generator rotor blades, DIY wind turbine components, solar panels, solar systems, and wind turbine asscessories, wind turbine inverters.
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