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SUNRNR of Virginia, Inc
PO Box 102
Port Republic, 24471
United States

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solar electric pv
mdv seia

38.29624, -78.81058

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Jenny French
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SUNRNR "Sun Runner" of Virginia manufactures and sells clean, silent, portable renewable energy generator power systems which store solar, wind, or water turbine energy in a rechargeable battery for off grid electricity or emergency backup power. SUNRNR "SunRunner" of Virginia, Inc manufactures portable, stand-alone, renewable power systems for off grid electricity or emergency backup.  SUNRNRs deliver high-output, high-capacity, stored solar, wind, water turbine, and/or grid power for use any time or any place electricity is required for commercial and residential applications.  System features include plug-and-play simplicity; no noise, fossil fuels, or emissions; safe, rugged, long-life design; high-quality components; easily expandable; and superior company reputation in customer service and satisfaction.  Water-pumps, small construction sites, agribusiness, off-grid locations, disaster relief, alternative to gas generator disadvantages (fuel storage, spark, heat, maintenance), and blackout preparedness are examples of our proven market applications.
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