The Solar Alliance

The Solar Alliance
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We work closely with legislators, governors' staff, utility executives and regulators to devise the most appropriate set of cost-effective policies and programs for each state. We also work hand-in-hand with local businesses, grass-roots organizations, ratepayer advocates and other groups to ensure that solar programs meet the myriad needs of each state's citizens. Please contact us if we can be of help in your efforts.

The Solar Alliance

The Solar Alliance works with state administrators, legislators, and utilities to establish cost-effective solar policies and programs.

We specifically target our efforts to help legislators, regulators and utilities make the transition to solar power by providing the technical and policy expertise to create programs that are in the best interest of residential, commercial, and government customers and Americans as a whole.

Legislators - Your actions can ensure that your constituents receive the environmental and economic benefits of clean, renewable energy in the most cost-effective manner.

Regulators - Many of you struggle to find solutions to the myriad problems facing electric utilities today, including greenhouse gas mitigation; fuel diversity; transmission congestion and siting new transmission; and rapidly rising costs. Working solar into your state's energy mix can help to address each of these.

Utilities - Polls show by large margins that customers prefer solar electricity over any other form. Forward-thinking utilities can use solar energy as one part of the strategy to improve customer satisfaction, improve the capacity factor of the grid, particularly during peak hours, and increase shareholder value by creating new revenue sources and increasing rate-based assets. Solar can also be deployed far faster and less expensively than other options and can become a key element in meeting GHG reduction targets.