Sunverge showcases solar and battery storage tech at PA Navy Yard

New Company showcases solar-integrated tech in PhillySunverge, a new company that integrates solar and energy storage technology for residential and small-business systems, announced last week that it will be showcased in the high-profile Energy Innovation Hub at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

The Navy Yard is a new planned community that has committed to using and showcasing some of the world’s most advanced energy-saving and producing technology in its remodels of historic and construction of new structures.

Sunverge emerged as a new concept and subsidiary of Inertia Energy earlier this year. It has created a new solar-integrated system that uses high-tech batteries to store the sun’s energy, which is collected during the day, for peak use time in the early evening when people are coming home and are most active.

Sunverge founder and CEO Ken Munson said the goal of the project is to demonstrate the load-transferring ability of the solar-integrated system.

The system, if installed in multiple homes in a particular area, could be very valuable to utility companies that, using a smart meter, would be able to see how much energy they have stored in the Sunverge batteries and draw from those collective batteries as if they are a single reservoir built for the utility.

“It’s really exciting for us to get involved in a high-profile project like this one at Navy Yard,” Munson said.

The Navy Yard is a national center for research, education and the commercialization of energy-related technologies, according to a press release from Sunverge. It’s combining efforts of researchers from academia, the private sector and national research laboratories to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and position the United States as a leader in renewable energy resources.

The company debuted in February with an announcement that it would install its systems, using Saft Battery’s Nickel-cadmium technology in its 2500 R Street development in California.

The company has teamed up with International Battery, which is supplying a large format lithium-ion battery, for the Navy Yard project, Munson said.

There are a lot of different battery technologies out there right now, Munson said. Some technologies perform better in certain environments than others.

“And we’re finding that utilities and ISOs have done a lot of their own battery research, and they have opinions about which batteries will perform bets,” Munson said.

Sunverge has been careful to keep its options open when it comes to marrying the solar-integrated system with energy storage devices, not wanting to favor one battery over all others regardless of circumstances.

“We’re really after best-in-class for battery technology,” Musnon said.